Tuning in to Teens

The following feedback has been kindly given by parents who attended the Tuning in to Teens course on-line. 

A really interesting course; really informative psychologically as well as from a parenting point of view. 

Elizabeth was a really knowledgeable teacher with a thorough, empathetic and personal approach; giving tips and strategies to personal family issues. And then asking follow-up questions afterwards. Lots of resource links/advice for post-course home-learning were also provided.

Her empathetic, kind and ‘human’ style/approach made the course all the more enjoyable! 

I would highly recommend this emotional coaching course to anyone who is a parent or works within a childcare setting.  I have learnt huge amounts and would love a ‘top up’ recap course at some point; if you choose to provide one please

In response to the question: ‘Were there changes that you noticed in your child(ren) or family as a result of participating in this programme?’

Yes massively! I was astounded by how quickly the emotion coaching impacted on the family. It was truly eye opening.

Fantastic course I would recommend every parent to take, thank you Elizabeth!