Tuning in to Kids

The following feedback has been kindly given by parents who attended the Tuning in to Kids course either face-to-face or on-line. It was provided in response to the following questions:

“What did you find most useful about this programme?”

‘I think the delivery structure is very informative and the open platform to talk provides a real sense of reflection and thinking about how you could’ve applied emotional coaching and how to take it on for the coming week. The additional resources are fantastic and support the course on its validity to show you can take as much or as little from the course and beyond.’

‘The techniques to deal with behaviour, how to encourage our child to do something without him getting angry or upset and the importance of self-care.’

‘How to deal with emotions coaching. I have learnt a lot about my behaviour and my kid’s behaviour.’

‘We found the strategies that were suggested very useful with both of our children, and it gave us ideas of what we could try that we hadn’t thought of before.’

‘We were able to ask questions, it allowed us to expand our knowledge and get some fab advice.’

‘It was good to meet other people with similar struggles and share our experiences. I have some knowledge and experience of emotion coaching and use it within my place of work. It was, however, good to be reminded of the key aspects and make more of a conscious effort to use it within the home and to retry strategies and techniques with our children.’

‘Although we have used emotion coaching in the past and some aspects daily, it was good to really focus on it and reflect on the week. It was also good to be reminded of the relaxation / mindfulness aspects.’

‘It was all useful. Some information I was familiar with due to my job. However, for less experienced people I feel it is a great course with lots of information and ideas to support parenting.’

‘I wasn’t really sure what to expect especially as it was my first virtual training course. The structure however really helped to provide the flow and direction of the course. Clear, meaningful presentation with relatable examples. Lots of really useful handouts to support discussions. Open welcoming platform to share experiences and not be judged.’

‘The Course provided reassurance that what we are trying to do is on the track we wish to be on. The strategies provided were also really helpful. It’s also reassuring that these gentle methods of parenting are so widely utilised and encouraged. I hadn’t realised how established they were.’

“Where there changes that you noticed in your children or your family as a result of participating in this programme?

‘It took me a couple of weeks to really embed the technique into my parenting style. The logic was there but when to apply it was not. As the course went on it became so much easier to spot when to apply it and it was really effective in managing negative behaviour and calm situations which would regularly have ended in radio silence between me and my little girl. It’s kind of like pringles, once you pop you just can’t stop because it really does work!’

‘Absolutely, my initial motivation to attend the course was to understand how I could help my little girl when she ‘fell into herself’ and wouldn’t engage due to maybe not agreeing with me on something she wanted to do. But the course showed me that the change had to come from me and how and when I investigated the situation. It never occurred to me how the two were so closely linked but with the application of the structure of emotional coaching and the key four questions my little girl naturally opened up and I naturally felt more confident in being able to tackle such situations.’

‘We have found that with help, both children are able to better understand their own emotions and attempt to empathise with others. This is a massive step for our daughter due to her Autism!’

‘The attentive delivery and teaching of topics I hadn’t ever come across has had a hugely positive impact on our lives, in a very short space of time, with me having a lot more confidence in approaching feelings with my daughter and I hope to pass this to my little boy as he grows. It’s been a great sharing experience and it’s good to know we are not alone on the parenting front!’

‘Definitely, less arguments, allowed to speak and try to sort out his own issues. Less tantrums as the course went on.’

‘It has made a big difference in calming them (our children) down.’

‘Our daughter was more responsive and able to explain her feelings.’

“Any other comments?”

‘More courses should be organised for parents and their partners; this has been an essential course for a parent to do. Without this course parents fly blind; it has opened my eyes to a better and more effective way of dealing with my child. Excellent course.’

‘The course was very enjoyable and both Liz and Caroline were lovely and very helpful. We would highly recommend this to anyone whose child struggles or even if they don’t!’

‘Thank you to the trainers for the time and effort put into the sessions. We were made to feel very welcome. They listened and supported all the parent with specific aspects relevant to their family. They also gave encouragement and positive feedback to everyone. The course would be beneficial to so many families.’

‘I think that Liz and Caroline offer a very warm and open reception, nothing is rushed, and time is made for everyone to speak. This in my opinion was just as important as the emotional coaching content. Both listened and would provide solutions to parent concerns whether it be directly or indirectly linked to emotional coaching. It’s as much a reflection workshop as a training workshop and this approach I feel was really effective. The extra resources links are also fantastic and valuable to support parents after the course and beyond.’

‘A real enjoyment of the rollercoaster! It was particularly lovely for me, who does so much of the emotional coaching, to know that despite being a first-time parent, we’re doing it well. Loved it! Thanks.’